2017 | Branding, Graphic Design

Stonehenge Gardens is a Tier 1 Cannabis Garden located in Belfair, WA. Owner James Sloop aligned with our overall inspirations and philosophies and after a few special visits and creative discussions we co-created a series of print designs to launch the brand to the WA market in a memorable way. 

The concept and story behind the brand explores the idea that Cannabis is an off-world organism brought to Earth by plant based humanoids that seeded our planet aeons ago and influenced all spheres and symbolism that humans brought to meaning. Each 3 piece poster integrates Cannabis in a fun and unique way which really helps tell the story throughout the 3 pieces.
The first design of the series highlights the megalithic structure Stonehenge, where the Galactic Gardeners beings landed and melted from the glaciers the ancient staff of Cannabis, calling the seedlings to enter from deep space. "Fire" was introduced to the planet. 

The silhouetted flame area represents a clear window, whereas this design doubles as a mylar bag. When in use you would actually Cannabis flower in that area. (see below)
"We Are Coming" the 2nd design in the series showcases the Cannabis seed pods landing on Earth. Stonehenge is seen in the background. A closeup of one of the plant based beings is shown on the right which features a hemp seed patterned skin texture and weed leaf shaped eyes.
In the final design of the series, the plant based being and its fellow fallen seedlings are captured by the ancient beings who first lit the signal. They are put in a capsules where they will start to produce cannabis buds for all the universe's sentient lives to enjoy.

Overall this series is a mythological and symbolic take on the origins, process, and treatment of Cannabis today on planet Earth!
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