8TH DAY CREATE is a brand development and creative direction company with a specialty in brand architecture, vintage ephemera collages, a.i. design, creative direction and publication/editorial layout design.

Our services provide preeminent design solutions and branding to a global community of forward-thinking clients. Founder Brandon Laurence has been designing professionally since 2004 and established 8th Day Create officially as a registered business after an intensive 3-month study of UNITED STATES CODES, the design of financial notes, and discovering Lawful Money remedy in 12 USC 411 in May 19, 2014. 2024 will be our 10th year anniversary.
We co-create and architech brands that focus on brand timelessness, longevity and memorability on all scales. Our experience in the publication and fashion world, practical use of golden and sacred geometrical mathematics gives us a unique perspective in creating brands and designs in ever-changing industries.
The opportunity in 2011 to craft and create Dope Magazines branding, original creative direction, and publication design has been our signature in crafting household brand in the emerging sector of Cannabis.
"Our branding and design creative solutions particularly in the Cannabis space has been seen, worn, and read all across the globe and expanding daily. In September 2018, Dope Magazine was acquired by High Times for 11.2 million dollars USD."
We love the plant and are doing our best to Class Up Cannabis and bring mindful practices to any endeavour.
Turn Your Brand On and Keep 8th Day Create In Mind For Design.

Cosmic Engagement Officer / Designer
Living across the globe at a young age by being the son of a world traveling family impacted Brandon Palma for the rest of his life in so many beautiful ways. Drawing on this experience, he took all that inspired and interested him and compounded it into being an artist and collector, finding it fitting to live up to his name and to be of service to others through branding and design solutions. 
Brandon attended and graduated The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Los Angeles (FIDM LA) in 2005 to refine his creative mind, and he has since used that knowledge to help brands across a variety of industries. He balances new ideas with old ones to give brands a new identity that stands out among their competitors. Launching 8TH DAY CREATE was the realization of his dream to offer innovative solutions for the brave world we live in today.

• DOPE Magazine

• SKUNK Magazine
• NorthWest Leaf
• Maryland Leaf
• California Leaf

• Oregon Leaf
• Alaska Leaf

• High Times
• GRAM Magazine

• World Famous Cannabis Farmers Almanac
• PDA Magazine
• Freedom Leaf 
• Branding Bud
• Lion Order (MI)
• Cannabis Business Awards 
• Blaze Responsibly (NJ)
• A Golden State (CA)
• Burnt River Farms (OR)
• Kush Creams (WA)
• Katie Baked Goods (WA)
• Seattle Hempfest (WA)
• KindLeaf (OR)
• GrowHouse Texas (TX)
• Mindrite PDX (OR)
• Rastafari Rootzfest (JAMAICA)
• Colored Cannabis Collective (WA)
• Potent Farms (OR)
• Zeki Farms (CA)
• Dabstars (WA)
• Women of Weed (WA)
• Sola Wrap (CA)
• United States Military: Museums Divison
• Americans for Safe Access

• Women's Organization for Prohibition Reform
• World Squash Championship
• The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

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