Year: 2022 Month: May
Social Media Panel Design, Graphic Design
Role:  Layout Design
Team Members: Cole Ramstadt: Brand Creative Director
Tools:  Adobe Photoshop CC, Wacom Cintiq
Size: 30 (thirty)  8"x8" tiles. full art piece: 2 feet x 6 feet
In 2022 8th Day Create joined the Lion Order Cannabis brand creative team to focus on the social media presence. Founded by one of Bob Marley's son Rohan Marley, Lion Order launched in the legal recreational cannabis market in Michigan with a lineup of 3 strains.

To tell the brand story in a luxurious and dignified way, a custom and on branded photoshoot was directed by creative director Cole Ramstadt. Original photos from the shoot were then supplied to Brandon of 8th Day Create in which he then wove into the panel design. Mixing in a tropical yet luxurious feel, this initial panel set celebrates the island roots that is the Marley name while also giving opportunity for the brand to announce its presence through actual product package images and overall royal Rasta brand integrity in a strong knit collage design. 
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