Growhouse Texas X 8THDAYCREATE Collaboration

OCTOBER 8, 2021

Growhouse Texas and 8THDAYCREATE officially announce the launch of a special edition collaboration apparel line in celebration of Texas Cannabis. Combining their love for the sacred plant, Cannabis with fun Texas-inspired graphics, this collection brings the inspiration of worlds to offer unique one-of-a-kind graphics and apparel pieces that celebrate the cannabis plant with a creative Texas-inspired spirit.


This journey started off in September of 2019 when both Liz and Patrick of Growhouse Texas met Brandon Palma of 8THDAYCREATE in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica at CANEX JAMAICA. The stars aligned for us to come together, and we both instantly recognized the the spirit of canna family within each other and connected further through creative conversation. It wasn’t long before both parties would find themselves meeting again in Sunny Los Angeles to confirm a creative collaboration in honoring the cannabis journey across America.


Brandon Palma of 8THDAYCREATE took the reigns of establishing GROWHOUSE TEXAS’S branding and identity, formulating the logo and overall vibe. Brandon felt it had to be of great importance that the brand respects the great spirit of Texas while infusing the Ganja ethos and vibes in a consistent yet creatively engaging way and to remain open to creative interpretation as the story of cannabis unfolds in the great state of Texas. The creative solution was to tap into the rich history of Texas and bring the story alive through unique cannabis-Texan themed graphics.


While greater and more open access to cannabis is not legally available in Texas, Liz and Patrick are strong advocates and state activists for the plant and wanted to express their love for this being. 8THDAYCREATE found it fitting to embody that energy through fun apparel designs that would bring to life their vision. And what not a better way to normalize the conversation about cannabis than to do it in something you can wear.

Brandon and 8THDAYCREATE have sourced out top tier quality production items to match the designs which once felt in person will really bring the vision to life. Liz, Patrick and I are truly excited to present this collection to you and even if you don’t have Texas pride, may you find some inspiration about the energy of the plant in this collection!


8×8″ Art Print Series

A collection of art prints that are pieces of a puzzle.


8th Day Create is proud to introduce to you a collection of open edition 8×8″ art prints!

At the beginning of 2021, Founder Brandon Palma desired a healthy outlet to fully express his visions and sharpen his creativity outside of client and commissioned-based work and engage with the more artistic dimension of graphic design. He challenged himself to engage in a daily design session, in which then he would post to social media.

Brandon weighed 2 options to this challenge: 1) design a new piece daily with a random theme or 2) Look at the challenge as a whole instead of separate design briefs. Brandon’s solution was route 2 and to use Instagram’s 3 tile setup as the canvas. 30 days for each day in the month counted for the total amount of tiles. He then created a mural-based design and cut it into 30 equal square blocks, with the final setup being 10 rows of 3 tiles each, a perfect puzzle fit to Instagram’s layout. The concept is that the deployment of each tile would happen over the 30-day span, fulfilling the criteria set out in the brief.

Now entering into “Season 3″ of this internal creative brief, 8th Day Create has decided to offer the collection of designs as 8×8” Art Prints.

Brandon first launched “Season 1” in January 2021 on Instagram, with 30 different art tiles that made a vertical-sized large design piece when pieced together. Brandon wanted to bring this puzzle-like approach to the monthly design challenge and feels he has a perfect formula of creative expression that fulfills the desire of his visions.

Now entering into “Season 3″ of this internal creative brief, 8th Day Create has decided to offer each tile of each season as collective 8×8” Art Prints. We are currently offering 70 different prints, with “Season 1” and “Season 2” designs completed (each has 30 prints available now each) with “Season 3” currently sitting at 10. As a new design tile is revealed daily online on Instagram at @8thdaycreate, the art print will be made available to purchase as well.