Cannabis Business Awards: 2022
Year: 2022 : Month: June
Role:  Graphic Designer
Focus: Print, Digitial
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Indesign CC, Wacom Cintiq​​​​​​​
In June 2022 founder Brandon Palma had the great opportunity to work with Chloe Villano, a well respected and known figurehead in the cannabis industry. Chloe has established multiple endeavors and the Cannabis Business Awards is one of her beloved events she throws to celebrate the hard working and dedicated individuals across the nation and world.

Chloe and Brandon collaborated on a series of design sets for the 2022 show held in Miami, FL. Brandon designed and laid out the presentation slides for the show while also making them social media size compatible. For the concept and theme of the design, Brandon was inspired by a luxurious and elegant feel, taking notes from award shows from the past and blending it with a cannabis twist. Using gold hints and malachite patterns, Brandon's vision for the show was to bring an elevated and recognizable design to the decade long award show. Much appreciation Chloe for having 8th Day Create be your creative partner in your show!

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