Years: 2020-2021, 2023-Present
Publication Design, Branding, Creative Direction, Apparel Design, Collage Design
Role:  Creative Direction, Graphic Designer
Tools:  Adobe Indesign CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Wacom Cintiq
In the balmy embrace of the summer of 2020, a serendipitous collaboration was set into motion. Julie Chiariello, the esteemed custodian of Skunk Magazine, extended a hand to Brandon of 8th Day Create, in search of a new maestro of graphic design. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a fruitful alliance, as Brandon stepped in to fill the shoes of the departing designer.
The initial phase of this venture was marked by a series of insightful conversations between Brandon and Julie, conversations that laid the foundation for a shared vision. It was in this crucible of creativity that a consensus was reached, and a new chapter in the annals of cannabis publication began under the stewardship of 8th Day Create.
Our initial foray into this partnership focused on the intricate tapestry of publication design. It was a journey of discovery, one where we delved deep into the ethos of the brand and gradually unfurled the layers of the magazine's layout. This exploration was not confined to mere design; it evolved, almost organically, into a broader role. We found ourselves not just designing pages but orchestrating the entire visual symphony of the magazine, from the nuanced threads of apparel design to the dynamic arena of social media.
2022 was a year of divergence, a period where other creative pursuits called for attention. However, the bond with Skunk Magazine remained unbroken, and February 2023 marked a triumphant return to the creative helm. This return was not just a continuation but a reaffirmation of our commitment to the publication.
Our journey with Skunk Magazine has been a testament to the enduring legacy of the cannabis culture. Our creative approach has always been to fully embrace the essence of the Skunk brand, infusing it with a unique flair that captures its spirit in every aspect. The evolution of “Sparky the Skunk” into various mature, resonant formats has been a particularly gratifying aspect of this journey, symbolizing our alignment with the authentic, legacy vibe of the cannabis community.
"SKUNK Magazine is a 16 year old global cannabis publication that has been devoted to teaching organic, sustainable cultivation practices and featuring the highest quality genetics in the world. We have taught millions of people to grow organically at home and are a rich resource of information where all of the best minds and companies in the cannabis industry come together and speak. Our educators are the finest growers, breeders, scientists, craft makers, business owners and activists in the global movement."
Cover + Publication Designs: 1) Spring 2023  2) Winter 2023/2024  3) Winter 2021 4) Fall 2021
5) Summer 2021 6) Spring 2021 7) Winter 2020 8) Fall 2020
Sparky the Skunk illustrations, Winter 2023/2024 Issue
Skunk Magazine branded apparel collection, Fall 2021
Skunk Magazine mylar pouch design, 2021
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