MINDRITE PDX 2018 Print Ad Campaign
For the 2018 publication year award winning Portland, OR Cannabis shop MINDRITE PDX had a desire to celebrate the ever evolving community and showcase print ads celebrating all walks of life enjoying cannabis. Paired with scenes particular to the month's vibe, we crafted twelve 8.5"x11" print ads to be showcased monthly in various print publications across the cannabis industry.

January 2018 "Turn Over A New Leaf"
February 2018 "Love|Smoke Session"
March 2018 "Mindrite Snowboards"
April 2018 "420th Ave"
May 2018 "May The 4th"
June 2018 "Crater Lake Summer Hike"
July 2018 "Sparklers"
August 2018 "Music Festival"
September 2018 "Multonomah Falls"
October 2018 "Croptober"
November 2018 "Cornucopia Bong"
December 2018 "Snow Globes"
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