Leaf Nation Publication (which consists of Northwest Leaf, Oregon Leaf, Alaska Leaf, and now Maryland Leaf) owner & editor-in-chief Wes Abney and photographer extraordinaire Daniel Berman have been crafting one of the longest running cannabis publication and brand in the Pacific Northwest. In Late January 2018, 8th Day Create had a chance opportunity to sit down with Wes and discuss his long term vision for his brand. 

After many creative exchanges and getting to know the Leaf Nation Team (many of whom are our most respected colleagues in the cannabis publication realm) we agreed to come together to infuse the brand with a new flavor and prepare for fast expansion in emerging markets. Through co-creative efforts we distilled down the brand to a new flavor that unapologetically embraces the cannabis leaf and displays it quite prominently in the "A".
Logo Design Set for Leaf Nation Publication and it's local brands.
Pennant Logo Design for Northwest Leaf
Maryland Leaf Issue #1 Cover Design January 2019
Maryland Leaf Issue #1 Cover Design (January 2019)
Maryland is currently a Medical Marijuana state and so therefore I crafted the first issue cover to highlight this law visually through combining state symbols with cannabis.
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