Year: 2022 : Month: October
Role:  Prompt Word Smith, Creative Director, 
Focus: Phygital Goods
Tools:  Stable Diffusion AI, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Indesign CC, Wacom Cintiq​​​​​​​
In October 2022, 8th Day Create—with the help of an artificial intelligence engine—created a new project that allowed founder Brandon Palma to be depicted in a number of different ways. After training the engine on pictures of Palma, he was able to produce a collection of 365 unique portraits featuring himself in different styles and settings.

The collection, titled "365B", was formally announced and posted to social media on October 8, 2022. This collection features a new image posted every day until October 8, 2023 on Brandon's Instagram account (@brandonpalma), as well as his Facebook page. This collection celebrates a new era of self-image realization—the "A.I. selfie" (As I would like to bestow upon it here and now). The collection documents the process of self-portraits in various art styles with original style prompts authored by 8th Day Create / Brandon Palma. An overall exercise in theme exploration, word smithing, and style and prompt engineering was truly the highlight in co-creating this collection.

The images in this portfolio preview are a few personal favourites with some scheduled to be revealed later in the year. Enjoy the preview of this collection!

I invite you to follow along this living daily art project on instagram, @brandonpalma

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