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8th Day Create

is a boutique creative agency and umbrella collective that provides preeminent design solutions and brand consulting to a global community of forward-thinking clients. Founder Brandon Laurence has been designing professionally since 2004 and established 8th Day Create in 2014. Since then we have been creating and building brands that focus on brand longevity and memorability.

We establish names, brands, identities, graphic design, apparel, packaging, and marketing campaigns with mindful and sacred geometrical approaches.

Brandon Laurence Palma

Founder / Creative Director / Designer

Living across the globe at a young age by being the son of a world travelling family impacted Brandon Palma for the rest of his life in so many beautiful ways. Drawing on this experience, he took all that inspired and interested him and compounded it into being an artist and collector, finding it fitting to live up to his name and to be of service to others through branding and design solutions. Brandon attended and graduated The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Los Angeles (FIDM LA) in 2005 to hone in on his creative mindset and to begin his career with a good step forward. Since then he has had the opportunity to provide innovative solutions ranging from the fashion industry to the cannabis industry in WA State and everything in between. Through balancing old with the new, Brandon’s vision and creative solutions brings brands and businesses a new light and emboldens their presence across all media. Launching 8TH DAY CREATE is a culmination of design experience and a labour of love offered to the brave world and those having an active part in shaping the story of our future, today.

Aj Aguilar

Co-Owner / Public Relations Director

Aj Aguilar is a passionate environmentalist and innovative entrepreneur who can be seen in a public relations, lifestyle marketing position for startup urban brands with an eco-conscious approach. She has a natural instinct when given an opportunity to network peers and recognizes when and where to make a dynamic connection. Her career experience in public relations and creative marketing solutions has armed her with a unique network of associates in the art, fashion, music, cannabis and disruptive technology industries. 
This diverse insight gives Aj a strong practised understanding of the fundamentals necessary to Turn Your Brand On™️, through non-traditional marketing concepts that positively push your media presence and overall social net worth. 

“Through artistic design and unique creative marketing solutions, our clients have witnessed impactful results through creative concepts that positively push company R.O.I. A few clients who are highlights of my entrepreneurial journey are 8TH DAY CREATE, GLOBAL EMERGENT TECHNOLOGIES and DOPE MAGAZINE.”