National Monument and a spliff, puffing on the dankest gift. Space Needle soaring above catching my exhale of healing power and love. Only in Washington. Evergreen Shire, a state that’s sure to take you higher. I am at the 1st Annual Marijuana Legalization Anniversary party.
I am a Medical Marijuana Patient and I am proud of this movement. Marijuana helps me deal with severe anxiety, IBS, stress relief — my chronic back and muscle spasms are not chronic anymore, as a matter of fact, I haven’t seen my chiropractor in ten months. I am a woman who chooses natural health care. I am a Women who shares a deep bond with Mary Jane; she is the healing of the nation, my greatest inspiration.
Today I take a look at reality and I am hopeful and excited to see how this movement has evolved. The accessibility of this great organic, natural medicine is becoming common for all Americans. Many of us have picked up our staff in tribute to the truth, relentlessly defending the vitality of this plant. We can not claim to be “land of the free” when Nature is restricted and demonized for its healing gift. We push forward giving a voice to the voiceless. Defending the freedom and equality of all life, speaking for all forms of divine feminine, human, animal, plant, and organism. Cannabis was truly put here on Earth for the betterment of our planet and humanity as a whole.
My Dear friend Mary Jane, what a sweet gift she is. Marijuana, the female strain of the cannabis plant has been fighting for the health and recovery of humanity for generations. This remarkable plant has been proven to aid, restore, and cure over 700 diseases and viruses including cancer. Did you know that we Humans are laying to rest 7.6 Million lives a year to cancer? I myself have sorrowfully lost many family members to this battle. This disease alone is perhaps humanity’s biggest culprit but that reality is quickly evolving because we hold a cure that is timeless and true. I personally have worked with cancer patients who have fully recovered through the healing magic of Mary Jane’s love. Cannabis the bliss in nature’s kiss. Talk about a powerhouse of feminine force; compassionate, loving, patient and healing Marijuana is the nurturing restoration our human bodies desire.
In honor of the time of year our nation pays tribute to the Equality of Women; I would like to offer a tribute in words on behalf of the Greatest Feminine Force in the plant kingdom.
A few puffs of True OG to enlighten my mind so that she can speak through me with force…
“I take a toke of God’s Magic Smoke. With just one inhale my body is overwhelmed; relief falls gently upon my shell. Stress of the blessed must be relieved without a test. I’ve earned this rest. No alcohol has touched these lips because I know my body is a gift. Simple, peaceful, restorative toke. Love for my body and truth for my soul. I treat my life, my health, wealth, and time as if I were a Queen of Prime. Pressed lips toking, smoking, joking fun. My light shines for all to see, that vibrant beauty embodies me. My life, my right! I choose a natural green cure to ease my pain. Watch me soar as high as corporate lore. My dear friend Mary Jane by my side. She encourages me to be at peace, seek balance with my faith and never stop believing in humanity. That’s why we give our life to this green dream. So that someday humanity will have no fear in summoning her name, for a cure.
My dear friend Mary Jane, Nature’s love to ease all pain.
No need to rest because this life will stand the test. Sleep will come when the work is done. Reform is in motion, can’t sit still with idle notion.
We keep it rocking every hour, my industry doesn’t sleep; we just keep manufacturing that sour. Lives to change, truth to unveil. If you’re asking me this health system has proven to fail. Debauchery and deceit are common understanding in the midst of shaken hands. Corporate America has proven wrong, it’s all just a dance and song.
Consume and drown because theirs no reaching the ground. Instant gratification is an illusion, distraction from the confusion. Our money, goods, and service taxed for the crown. Everyone walking around with a frown, suit, and tie, can’t seem to look you eye to eye.
That was then and this is NOW.
We are the leaders of this crowd. Reform in motion, You can’t stop this ocean.
Sea of Green, Trees of Potion. Eternal Health, Ethereal Liberation, Relief of the Nation. Social Reform in waves of Truth. Colors of Life. WE WILL END THIS STRIFE.
It’s Happening. All you have to do is SHOW UP!
We already WON.
We already composed our song, rhythmic hook owing through the tongues of generations. Lyrics of redemption. Repression UNDONE.
We are the music makers.
We are the rule breakers.
Dreamers of dreams, Boundaries unseen. We are the Tribe of Green.”
-Ajordan 8/26/16

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