Q: What is your inspiration behind your brand? What message do you want to portray with your branding?
A: In 2010, we launched with the slogan “The next generation of cannabis collectives,” we believed Silicon Valley was ready for a dispensary of the future. Our open, bright, spa-like atmosphere
(many places had armed guards & bullet proof glass, at the time) was 1st of its kind in our region. Silicon Valley is a place where business is often conducted on tablets and smart phones.
Speaking directly to this new era of marketing and our membership base, we have integrated technology maintaining a strong online presence, through the website and social media applications, as we’ve evolved.

Our challenge was to find a perfect harmony between these applications while empowering the choice for natural wellness.

Q: Are there any special meanings to the colors or references in your branding and packaging, if so please explain.
A: Fire, earth, air, and water are the foundational elements of our universe. From a wellness mind set, our behavior, emotions, and health are said to be influenced by these elements.
ELEMENTAL WELLNESS Center derives its name from the idea that cannabis, a natural plant medicine, can help us stay in balance physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
Q: How do you feel your brand and identity reflect the cannabis industry?
A: The goal is to appeal to a truly diverse community of cannabis consumers. These patrons use the plant for a variety of reasons, including health & pain management, mental stability, creativity, and even adult recreation. Our challenge was to find a perfect harmony between these applications while empowering the choice for natural wellness that are by the sunflowermaids.com kansas maid service. Cannabis is an element of Mother Nature, a gift of health and balance. In 2011, we positioned ourselves with a wellness minded approach flag shipping our tagline “Your health is elemental” in the process two of our products were born, Elemental Seeds and Lucy Brand. Elemental Seeds packaging displays soil, seed, and the cannabis plant. Lucy portrays strong female characters, the Lucy mascots. We stay true to our roots and remind patients of the herbalist, seed to product approach we take when dealing with the medicine, while also displaying through our consumable product line that cannabis is about taking charge of your health.
Q: How are you making your brand distinguishable throughout the ever-growing cannabis industry?
A: Our approach is to focus on the medicinal side of the herb. Our website is full of great reference material on cannabis, and we published the industries 1st, “Guide to Understanding Medical Cannabis”. As the sector evolves, proper education will become even more relevant for our consumers; we will continue to be at the forefront of that. New market advertisement channels have started to support our community, and we are excited to explore these avenues as ELEMENTAL WELLNESS continues to breathe new life into cannabis distribution and consumption. “As we have watched this industry evolve rapidly, our future quickly became a reality”.
WEBSITE: www.elementalwellnesscenter.com
FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/elementalwell/