DOPE Magazine Editorial Designs + Layouts

DOPE Magazine is a cannabis lifestyle publication established in Seattle, WA at Seattle Hempfest 2011. I had the opportunity to design and brand the entire visual groundwork including logos, initial apparel collection, art direction of the first 10 issues, and various print designs. In 2015 I returned to the publication fulfilling the art direction position to realign the branding and overall publication design and launch official apparel lines for 2015. As of this year DOPE Magazine has expanded into Oregon, Colorado, and California with plans in the works for future states and countries. About The Publication "DOPE is a free publication dedicated to providing an informative and wellness-minded voice to the cannabis movement. While our foundation is the medical cannabis industry, it is our intent to provide ethical and research-based articles that address the many facets of the war on drugs, from politics to lifestyle and beyond. We believe that through education and honest discourse, accurate policy and understanding can emerge. DOPE Magazine is focused on defending both our patients and our plant, and to being an unceasing force for revolutionary change."

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